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World Cup Asia 2012

World Cup Asia 2012

World Cup Asia 2012, is now officially over. The event was a 4 day tournament that consisted of clinics performed by teams like San Diego Dynasty, and Los Angeles Infamous, to a vendor village that played home to companies like HK Army, Dye Paintball, Eclipse, KEE, PBH, SLY, and NapShot. The event was held in Langkawi, Malaysia. The event was held very closely to the event hotel, and island airport. The venue was a airplane hanger, which held over  4 fields, with plenty of space, astro turf fields, jumbotrons, fully angled-camera-recorded games, and was judged by a combination of european and malaysian reffs.

The event was on time, and mostly ahead of schedule always, ran very well, and focused on taking care of the players. Games ran everyday from 8am-7pm, then break and the ICC( Intercontinental Cup) would start. Teams like San Diego Dynasty, Infamous, Impact, Ton Tons, Datis, and Xtioneers, to name a few competed in the event representing there country.

In the finals, Dynasty and Impact played for the ICC championship, and due to conflicting schedules with the royal diplomats the semi-finals for the ICC was canceled. Dynasty ended up playing Impact race-to-2 and lost, crowning Impact as the ICC Champions. In Division 1 Infernal beat STK and become the champions representing Thailand.

Following the games was a great banquet with free food, and musicians to crown the winners and end the tournament celebrations. Later that night that players party played host to all the teams and vendors at the hotel. The hotel was literally 500 feet from the event venue and allowed for such a grand party working very closely with the event productions. World Cup Asia did an excellent job from the vendor village, to the event production, to the players party, to the banquet party, to even the judges making great calls all weekend.

We can honestly say this is one of the greatest events of the year, and can with out a doubt be named the best event of 2012!

Congratulations World Cup Asia, on becoming Paintball Pit’s Paintball Event of the Year!


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