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The Full Experience PT.2 by Bear D’Egidio

Bear D’Egidio travels PT. 2 – THE FULL EXPERIENCE

My last blog consisted of my travels to Italy for the CPS Champions series, in Milan. The blog detailed my travels to Venice for a clinic, and filming a show for Italian television after aiding my Italian paintball team to the series champions of the CPS league.  Part 2 of my exciting and eventful blog post is called, “The Full Experience, “ as most of you know I run around the world screaming this but this blog will sum up exactly what it means.

As Tuesday morning rolled around I had a plane ticket booked for Venezuela.  I was packed and ready to rock my adventure down in South America. As I prepared to journey to Venezuela and compete in the Viper Series with my new team Venezuela Lockdown, I received some interesting news. I was at the Delta terminal at LAX when the US/Venezuela embassy ambassador approached me and began to explain to me the new flight circumstances. Apparently, Venezuela had been issues flight risks to all US incoming flights due to the social unrest and civil violence.  The Delta agent explained to me that my flight could possibly be canceled and was delayed already by 4 hours. At this point I received a phone a call from my close friends and owners of HK Army Mark Kressin and Brandon Fort. I travel around the world with this team of bandits promoting paintball and running clinics such as the Crash at the Coast, and Street ball events.

They explained to me that they were on their way to Florida for the National College Paintball Association, a weekend long event where the best college teams from the country come to compete for the national championship. I then was issued a credit for my flight and transferred my flight to embark on this journey with my boys. They brought me some gear and met me at the Delta Lounge inside the Delta terminal and I began my second trip on my way to Florida.

The Full Experience began as me and my amigos were issued first class seats as we only fly Delta and were upgraded upon boarding.  First class comes with great responsibility, as you are given free drinks and big seats, with plenty of room to “turn up.”

We landed in Florida, ready to rock, and rented a van and packed it with our bags and merchandise for the weekend.  We then drove to our hotel room, checked in and immediately got ready to hit downtown Orlando.  We started off with a great dinner, and that turned into a bar visit, and the bar visit turned into a rated- R movie.  We then spent Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday rocking the event with our booth selling paintball performance products and partying. We came the field equipped with 45 Smirnoff Ice’s rocking and “Icing,” people all weekend.

The event was amazing, with minimal sleep, and visiting every bar and club in Orlando, and Tampa, our week couldn’t have been any wilder.

I am in need of a juice detox, as I have been carb overloading, and a treadmill to get back into tip-top shape, and ready to go for Maryland next week. This is, “The Full Experience,” living life on the go, traveling, partying, and running around the world doing what I love.

Photos Taken By Bear D’Egidio & Mark Kressin // Orlando, Florida