Paintball Pit HB NPPL recap of Philadelphia Energy. HB NPPL recap of Philadelphia Energy.

Huntington Beach Recap was reporting live from Huntington Beach 2013 NPPL event 1. The event is held annually every year on the beach in Huntington for the NPPL series. This year is the 11th year teams from around the world would fly in to compete for the world title.  The team I competed with is Philadelphia Energy. We are the newest professional paintball team to the series and made up of some of the youngest talent in the US. The majority of the team flew in for this event held in HB.

We had been put into the bracket with, Avalanche, X-Factor, CPP Raiders, and Buffalo Crush for the pre-lims of the tournament.  The tournament started off very smoothly for us as we had acquired all the sponsors we needed for funding and performance gear. Our team had come together the night before to focus on what exactly we needed to do to win this event. Our game plans were drawn with heavy emphasis on who needed to be beat, and what positions on the field we truly needed the most.

The first game began and we were losing to X-Factor, a strong aggressive team made up of experienced and caliber players.  My team Philadelphia averages a whopping 21 years of age and has been looked upon as a force to be seen. We ended up losing our match to X-factor, which is a race to 5 points to determine who wins the match.  The second game didn’t come till 2 hours later where we faced off against CPP Raiders. Focused primarily on what we did wrong against X-Factor and what needed to be changed to beat CPP Raiders. We played CPP Raiders straight up looking to really make a statement by beating one of the top ranked teams in the league.  As we approached the 2nd point of the game we were losing our field balance and couldn’t pull it back together. We ended up losing this match as well and putting us in the hole 0-2.

The 3rd match we played we came back with a vengeance, we wanted a winning match. We played Buffalo Crush and beat them 5-0.  The last match we had was against Avalanche. Avalanche won this match in a controversial manner towards the end of the match. Putting us in a 1-3 record barely missing the wild card option for Sunday semi-finals.

All in all HB was a great event and will always continue to be a great event, and Philadelphia Energy will continue to practice hard.


Photo Credit Sansini Media

Bear Degidio